Saturday, 8 December 2012

how to get free in app purchases iOS 6 no jailbreak

So there is iAPCracker and now there is iAPFree but these hacks are only for jailbroken devices. Now, you can get most in app purchases free without a jailbreak as of July 16, 2012! This hack was recently found out by ZonD80 on YouTube and has a video on the hack. He doesn't show how he does it that well so I made a video on the hack. I will also give a step by step instructions on how to do it. Lets begin!

1. Download these two certificates before you begin - FirstSecond (Very Important To Install First first and then Second second!)

2. Log Off your iTunes account in AppStore - Store->Tap on your appleid->Sign Off

3. Go into any application you want to get an in app purchase in and make an attempt to buy something. Tap "Cancel" on "Do you want to purchase?" window.

4. Open Wi-Fi settings on your iDevice and tap arrow on the right of your Wi-Fi network. Then enter on of these DNS servers in the DNS box -, (more to come)

5. Go back to the Wi-Fi settings and toggle Wi-Fi Off then On.

6. Now go back into the app that you loaded up in step 3 and try purchasing something.

7. Hit "LIKE" on the box that comes up.

8. Hit "Use Existing Account" and type in WRONG credentials.

9. Watch it give you the in app purchase for free!

10. That is all there is to it!

11. Please Donate to Both of us!

NOTE: I do not take any credit for this, it was all thanks to ZonD80! Also not all apps work at this moment!

By Hamza Hasnain

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