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iPhone 5 jailbreak ios 6 [Updated]

Jailbreaking the iPhone or iPod Touch allows users to run apps and tweaks that are not approved by Apple. This makes it possible to change the look of the iPhone and to run apps that do more than Apple or carriers want. Jailbreaking is legal, but it will void the warranty through Apple. This is not an issue for most users as it’s possible to un-jailbreak the iPhone with a simple restore, but it’s worth revealing. Under recent amendments to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act last summer, the process has been legalized in theU.S. on smartphones and tablets, though the legality of jailbreaking game consoles or other devices is still up in the air and subject to court interpretation.
What jailbreakers now affraid of!
Apple updates.What jailbreakers now affraid of!
Apple has introduced many mind-boggling tactics in the previous year 2012 reason of this being the most popular is Samsung increased competition. As many have noticed that Apple happening to introduce their iOS devices more often than usual. Only 6 month after iPad 3 (New iPad) release a new iPad 4 got released with better graphic rendering and speed A6x chip with 2048-by-1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi). As they update with their production, jailbreaking each and every one and plus compatibility issues proceeds so it becomes more problematic.
Many of you who have got new Apple iOS devices as Christmas present have been questioning on whether there is any untethered iOS 6 / 6.0.1 jailbreak obtainable for the devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPod touch 5 and the list goes on. One of the reasons we characteristically wait so long for jailbreaks, especially the iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and iPad 4 is that the crew behind the work is striving to proclaim an untethered jailbreak. Granted there are other influences, like finding all the exploits needed and preparing an iOS 6 jailbreak tool that the middling iPhone 5 owners can use, but it needs to be an untethered jailbreak in order to deliver a friendly iPhone 5.
Dev Team trying there best to help it escape
Dev Team trying there best to help it escape
The iPhone Dev Team offers a new iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch that automatically installs the Cydia app store for an easier, faster iOS 6 jailbreak process with the latest Redsn0w jailbreak tool.(FOR “ A4 devices “ ONLY) In the end is the method of this.
Sadly A6 and A5 devices now will have to wait. It’s no surprise that many within the iOS community have grown twitchy with the lack of a jailbreak for iOS 6. The main bug which irritates us using an unjailbroken device is when you become accustomed to jailbreak. The person using tweaks through Cydia extensively might even stop using their iPhones and iPads. Utmost widespread tweaks through Cydia being the luxurious notification center, BiteSms, the new multitasking switcher offered by Auxo tweak and SBsettings (the easiest way to access quick settings), let many people into them so much that they forget what original GUI were they using. So after they update or restore (talking about A5 & A6 devices) their devices, all we see is people opening various fake jailbreak sites. Although if we look up some history, the first untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 was released around this point last year, this year unfortunately, we’re still quite a way from that at this point. The delay is also because of Apple’s updating production.
iOS 6 features are no match to what cydia tweaks provide us
iOS 6 features are no match to what cydia tweaks provide us

Dev Team had a lot of success in the past years on cracking Apple updating iOS. As for now Apple has been promised in something of a cat-and-mouse battle with the jailbreak gurus from the get-go “the Cupertino company” has really stepped its game up with iOS 6 – a release which is evidencing a very, very tough nut to crack. Security researcher i0n1c believes that the upcoming iOS 6.1 will be even tougher to exploit, to make things even worse.
As for now things are looking faint for a new jailbreak, but all hope is not lost yet. It seems like David Wang (Planetbeing) is still working on rearranging all the map pieces to fit together. While MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team has advised against updating to iOS 6.0.2(available for iPhone 5 and iPad mini only) for an eventual jailbreak, David intervenes that there is not much variations made between the kernels of iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0.2, so there is upright chance if the jailbreak arrives for iOS 6.0.1 so it will be compatible with iOS 6.0.2. If your iPhone 5 or iPad mini happens to be suffering from the issues outlined as fixed in iOS 6.0.2 such as Wi-Fi afflictions, you have a factual decision on your hands, but otherwise, stick with what you have.
As far I can see there are no updates or jailbreaks yet for iOS 6+ for A5 and A6 chipped devices, taking advantage of this status quo, spammers and young programmers are building up bogus dummy tools to experiment or earn illegal money by publicizing. Many YouTube videos have been uploaded in these current months about jailbreak available for every device.
As this would be the best example of the fake announcement
As this would be the best example of the fake announcement

Those are all fake tutorials; actually some false videos are even uploaded 2 days after the release of iOS 6. There are tons of sites on the Internet offering either fake jailbreak tools, or video proofs like the now infamous Dream JB for iOS 6 jailbreak which turned out to be a “social experiment”. Not only can the package contain a virus, but said individual can also easily rake in thousands of dollars via any pay-to-use system.
Scammers, coders, and spammers of the Web’s non niceties take great care to ensure that their prejudicial software spreads through more and more online forums and social networks, playing with the demands of people, capitalizing their wants. This task can be achieved simply easily. As such, we strongly urge you not to download anything until a valued jailbreak developer – perhaps, a member of the real Jailbreak Dream Team – has given some kind of endorsement.
Stay updated on this through our website.
Stay updated on this through our website.
Follow our website to get updated on this topic, as we don’t wish to provide with a false knowledge: that can be harmful for us and the society. If you see a jailbreak release for iOS 6, check back here at Tenocation, because if it’s legit, we’ll have it enclosed here as soon as it drops. At this point, we don’t see that happening as iOS 6.1 is just around the corner.
How to Jailbreak the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS & iPod Touch
1.  Backup the iPhone or iPod and upgrade to iOS 6 and that the computer is running the latest version of iTunes.
2. Download the latest version of Redsn0w, Redsn0w 0.9.15b1 for Mac or Windows.
3. Extract the file to the desktop.
4. Open the redsn0w application.
  • Ctrl Click on Mac (if on Mountain Lion)
  • Right click and Run as Administrator on Windows.
5. Connect the iPhone to the computer and click on Jailbreak.
6. Place the device into DFU mode
7. Follow the on-screen instructions to jailbreak the iPhone 4 and install Cydia. 8. Click on Just boot.
  • In the future, to restart, connect the iPhone to the computer, open Redsn0w, and click Extras and Just Boot.
Enjoy the iPhone 4 jailbreak for iOS 6. This is a beta release, but appears fairly stable based on reactions on Twitter. Neither GottaBeMobile nor the iPhone Dev Team are responsible for issues with the iOS 6 jailbreak.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Install paid apps for free with jailbreak ios 6.0.1

Installing paid apps for free…. Installing and installing ….blah blah. It’s too infuriating when search engines do not come up with correct results as you guys desire. What true content you people look for is getting the paid, most pleasurable apps on the appstore to get installed on your iPhone or any IOS device for FREE. Mostly I see results of people showing old ideas working on old iOS or old boot ROM and so they only can enjoy it, it will be rare that anyone similar person to their situation can do the same. I will get to the point; I have found 2 ways up till now to accurately answer your question with results via researches.  

  • 1st one will be the best yet which is:
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  • 2nd obviously will be old but equaly awesome.
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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

how to get free games on ipod touch no jailbreak 2013

Installing paid apps for free is now the biggest target set for iOS 6 users and this because installous got shutdown (which I still have the solution to). But down here is a button which will redirect to a proved method fulfilling your desires about this topic. NOT JOKING. My friends as well tested it and so it works while making you happy and excited. I have seen many services providing iTunes gift cards for free but of course there are many 100 miles long strings attached, which makes us do stuff like this: find a wall and crash our head-off. Believe me I have tried them ALL. This down here method will make a 100 mile big smile on your Face.

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Get iTunes & Amazon Gift Cards for Free

FeaturePoints is giving away promo codes for popular paid iOS apps in exchange for you downloading and using one of the sponsor apsp for only 30 seconds. It's Super Easy and doesn't take much of your time!

While the paid apps end up being free with such a simple and LEGAL method. Downloading and using a sponsor app for 30 seconds adds up fast, especially if you are trying to earn enough points for one of the bigger name apps.
Who knows, maybe during the process you will find some free apps you never knew about, but can no longer live without. After all, that's the point of this site--create awareness for apps by providing a reward at the end of the day.

Here's how to get started earning free apps:
1. Visit here (from your Safari browser) CLICKHERE -> Sign Up -> Let's go -> Setting -> Install Now from your iPhone, iTouch ,iPad through Safari Browser.

In order for FeaturePoints to know your iDevice and keep it's record, it will need to install a profile on your iOS device. Tap on Okay to install the required profile.

After Installing the Profile, you will be redirected to the page where you can enter a referral code and then accept the terms and conditions.
Note: This will be your first and last chance to enter the Referral code. Enter Referral code as PJMJ5N so you can get extra 50 Points and have a good start on this great Web App

Select one of the sponsor apps to install. If you have previously installed one of the apps, you won't earn credit for installing it. Make sure it's an app you've never installed.

After the app is installed, you are required to run the app for at least 30 seconds. Once you have done that, you will get the amount of credits that where mentioned for that App.

Once you have enough points for a paid app, you can select it from the Gift section. Tap on the gift card you would like to redeem your points for, and confirm your selection.
You can also redeem:
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • iTunes Gift Card
  • Paypal Money Transfer
  • Any of the Paid apps given in the list

how to install paid apps for free iphone 5

Installing paid apps for free without jailbreaking ios 6.0.1 is now being the top searched sentence. In iPhone 5 now there are coming services which can make our dream come true regarding this.

Here I will tell you to do it.

Go here on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/iPad mini  Tap here genius People
  1. Then The website will ask to register first to use it.
  2. Click on register
  3. Then click on lets go. (it is pretty simple, instructions are present on the website as well)
  4. Then on your iOS device it will ask you to install a Profile. 
  5. Click on install and then you will get redirected towards featurepoints.
  6. Now download their sponsored apps to get the points they offer by doing this.
  7. Accumulate enough points to redeem prizes Example: iTunes giftcards, Amazon giftcards, Paypal funds,   ofcourse appstore paid apps.

Monday, 14 January 2013

install cracked apps without jailbreak

Click here on your iOS Device to play and Win big FREE

The usual style, install apps and refer people to earn spins.
You can easily win games such as Black Ops Zombies, Bastion, and MineCraft.
The games they offer vary from time to time.
You can also win Amazon/iTunes Giftcards or even iPod/iPads (for the lucky, or the dedicated.)

Go here on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/iPad mini  Tap here genius People
  1. Then The website will ask to register first to use it.
  2. Click on register
  3. Then click on lets go. (it is pretty simple, instructions are present on the website as well)
  4. Then on your iOS device it will ask you to install a Profile. 
  5. Click on install and then you will get redirected towards featurepoints.

Driver Crashes Car Through Glass Wall Of Chicago Apple Store [Image]

Shouldn't have used Siri for directions.
Shouldn’t have used Siri for directions.
Imagine the scenario: you’re leisurely strolling through your local Apple Store, perhaps drooling over a Retina MacBook Pro, when all of a sudden a car crashes through the front wall and onto the store floor. Yeah, that happened.
On Sunday night a car was driven off the road and through the glass wall of the Lincoln Park Apple Store in Chicago.
An elderly man was apparently behind the wheel. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt.