Monday, 31 December 2012

How to use open installous 2013


1.Go to safari and type the application name which you want to install Example
 Minecraft Pocket edition ipa

Make sure to put ipa in the end of the app title                    

(Must have the Safari download manager)
2.Download the relevant one.
3.After downloading it completely, turn off the WiFi of your iPhone.
4.Go to iFile and then find this location

5. After this follow these screen shots.

I have downloaded  " Coco-Loco-for-ipad.ipa "

6.Now I will copy the " Coco-Loco-for-ipad.ipa "

7. Now I will go to


And paste the " Coco-Loco-for-ipad.ipa " in it.

Thats it. Now follow down steps too.

8. Now go to Installous.  REMEBER ( Keep your WiFi [off] )

9. Now you will notice " Coco-Loco-for-ipad.ipa " app in Downloads section of Installous.

10. Just Tap on it and inStall

It will install it up without any hassel and Like normally.

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