Tuesday, 25 December 2012

How to install paid apps for free without jailbreak

Use this link to get 5 FREE spins!  LINK tap here
This is one of the better ways i have found to get free apps, giftcards and iDevice’s. Just go to the link i supplied above and install the trusted certificate. After that go back to App slots and download 1 free app to get 5 spins plus the 5 from the link above. Click play now and you will have 20 spins! With those spins alone you should be able to earn enough credits to get a free app or 2!
You will receive 2 free spins per 24 hours without doing anything, also keep in mind to do the free app downloads to get multiple spins every day. It shouldn’t take too long and you will earn enough credits to get the big stuff! Always hope for that JACKPOT!!

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