Friday, 11 January 2013

download app purchases without jailbreak ios 6.0.1

There are many rumours that the jailbreak will be available for iOS 6 + but sadly there is no fixed sayings by hackers of when it will come or should we expect it to come. Hackers and programmers are now confused by the installous shutdown situation. As for now lately there is no point in jailbreaking a firmware of apple even ios 5 nor ios 6 because the main intention to jailbreak has finished that is installing cracked apps or paid apps for free.

There are now more services and apps launching from appstore and Web that are offering miraculous prizes and easy win games to get our self s FREE iTunes gift cards, Paypal funds, Amazon gift cards, Appstore paid apps and iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch. Again FREE

The most responsive and working way is this: Click here to know how to get every paid app and more for FREE.

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