Saturday, 12 January 2013

how to install cracked apps without jailbreak ios 6.0.1

This is only for iOS Devices [iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch]
It has nothing to do with with piracy.
Doesn’t require a jailbroken iDevice.
You need a US iTunes account in order to redeem iTunes Gift Cards or applications from the AppStore. If you see the Notice up my blog you will not get in trouble for this.
This is not a scam. I’ve personally tried redeeming PayPal funds and it works as advertised. [This is also why it took such a long time to create this post. I had to confirm it works]
A profile will be installed on your iDevice to verify whether the sponsored app has been used. It won’t harm or change your iDevice.
All sponsored apps are free as of this post.
Now that i’ve done clarified things, let’s proceed on to the how-to.

Navigate to FeaturePoints [link]
Click on Sign up to start earning…
Choose on Let’s go [This step is to install a profile to know whether you've opened the sponsored app, like i mentioned above.]
Click Install then Install Now [You'll be redirected to FeaturePoints
Select I agree to the terms. [There will be a referral code -PJMJ5N- to allow you to earn 50 points extra when you start using FeaturePoints]
My referral codes gives alot of bonuses along the way as experienced by my other friends.
Start downloading applications!
By downloading applications, you can redeem from the a list of choices, namely

  • iTunes applications
  • iTunes Gift Cards [US iTunes Only]
  • Amazon Gift Cards [US Amazon Only]
  • PayPal Funds [Worldwide, USD]

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