Friday, 11 January 2013

Freeappslots hack 2013

1. Install this application from appstore "Vpn One Click Professional" link:
Click here to download from appstore

2. Don’t open the installed application. Open Cydia and find “UDID Faker" and install it up.

3. Now after installing UDID Faker open the Vpn One Click app and click on 7 days trial.

4. It will install a profile on your iOS device then after this.

5. Go to settings and you will notice VPN bar. Go to it, choose which country you want to change your Vpn.

6. After fully connecting to it, go to Safari and then go to your freeappslots. Now click on "Get more spins"

7. You will get more and more applications to install and get more spins. I have 100spins+ every day.

The reason I told you to install UDID Faker is that when your 7 days trail expires then just open the installed UDID faker application and change the UDID of "Settings" and "VPN one click" app.
After doing this open VPN One Click and you will see that 7 days trial option is again available. And so you can do this for infinite times.

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